Finding motivation – Rima Ƶeidαn 瑞瑪•席丹

Trying to achieve a certain body time takes time and effort. Finding my motivation from Rima.

Rima Zeidan (Chinese瑞瑪·席丹pinyinruìmǎ xídānHebrewרמה זידן‎; born May 1, 1990) is a Taiwanese-Lebanese presenter, model and actress from Taiwan. In 2017 she appeared in the film Missing Johnny for which she was voted Best New Talent at the Taipei Film Festival and won the Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer.[1]

Check out her abs

I wonder how long did she take to achieve this

Toned up

Her body in October 2013

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A post shared by ℜimα Ƶeidαn 瑞瑪•席丹 ريما (@rimazeidan51) on

Her body in March 2015

Personal training 3 times a week is not enough… I need to be strict on my diet but it is hard if you need to socialise and your husband turns to food for relaxation…

Still figuring out but I am getting prep meals from Nutrition Kitchen Hong Kong for now. Got bored of Nosh Meals. I guess I will switch between the 2 of them.

Till then…

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