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Hello virtual friend,

Thank you for dropping by. (^_^) I believe most visitors came through google search, searching for authentic Japanese food in Singapore, Yoga in Singapore, buying wedding dress in Tokyo or wearing Kimono in Kyoto. Feel free to drop me questions, would love to share my experiences.

Moved to Hong Kong in 2017 and become a housewife (after working for 12 years in Singapore in marketing & business intelligence).

Recently, posts would be about cooking and in search of authentic Japanese & European food in Hong Kong.

I was born in Indonesia moved to Singapore with my elder sister when I was 5. She moved to Netherlands 13 years ago. You can follow her blog (I Becoming Dutch) to know more about Netherlands.

I speak 5 languages but great at none; English, Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, Japanese & Bahasa Indonesia. What is my first language? I would say English. Why? Most of my dreams are in English. Sometimes Mandarin Chinese or Hokkien.

Gadgets I use for blog:
1. Panasonic DMC-GF2 (14mm) from Feb 2011
2. iPhone 6 Plus from May 2015
3. GoPro Hero4 Session from Feb 2016
4. Canon G7X Mark II from Jun 2016
5. iPhone X from Dec 2017
6. Panasonic GX8 April 2019

Editing tools:
1. MacBook Pro 13
2. PhotoScape X

Drop me a link to your blog, I would love to visit.

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  1. jS

    Hi Jessica Tamaki,

    I couldn’t find a contact page but this comment section…

    I’m jS from

    I found your blog just right now…Very interesting with amazing quality pictures

    This week I am trying to publish one article about Foreigners experiences wearing Kimonos.

    Definitely I will include your experience, specially your statement:

    “I am very impressed with the Japanese service and the professionalism. They took time to provide the best option
    for me. With additional top-up of JPY 1,500, they will style your hair. The lady was fast & good. She went an extra
    mile to get a nice hair piece for me to match my Kimono. Such hospitality only in Japan.

    A Chinese kid mistook my Kimono as a wedding Kimono. Complimented that the “bride” is pretty. I was flattered.”

    Would it be possible to share some of your images wearing the Kimono in my article?
    Obviously I will include your article links, one from the pics and another in the content

    By the way you are from the Indonesia right?

    I hope this email reach you before I publish!…



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Hi JS,

      Sure. Please feel free to use my pictures.

      I was born in Indonesia but residing in Singapore for past 26 years.

      I just saw your blog. You are so fluent in Japanese. That’s awesome.

      Take care,

      Liked by 1 person

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