Chanel Skincare – SUBLIMAGE

I have been thinking for a long time before getting Chanel Sublimage Skincare…

Tried all the products through Chanel’s Sublimage facial and I loved it. My skin was soft and moisturised after the session. However, the prices are the pushing factor for me.

I still believe in eating right and exercising regularly would work. However, I have been exercising regularly, at least 3 times a week. I have also been eating more healthy with the help of Nutrition Kitchen (prepared meals).

I saw a promotion going on, Chanel skincare set, plus Chanel vanity box. I could use the vanity box while traveling. After much consideration, I decided to get it.

Received the product catalogue

Actual products (HKD 5,860)

It includes:
1. Sublimage L’essence Fondamentale 40ml (Usual @ HKD 4,000)
2. Sublimage La Crème 30g (Usual 50g @ HKD 3,100)
3. Chanel Vanity Box (FOC)

Hong Kong is turning cold. My super sensitive skin has been reacting… I tried my usual skincare routine (Astalift) but my skin was still cracking…  It hurts even putting on moisturiser…

Previously, I got Sublimage samples and decided to try. It worked wonders… I was told it would last for 3.5 months. We shall see… I will use it during Winter in Japan and Europe. Hopefully my skin will be okay…

If you are interested, I suggest you to try out Chanel facial. I think this is the best way to find out if the products work well for your skin. It does not mean the more expensive a product is, the better results one will get.

It comes down to many factors:

1. Sufficient sleep
2. Hydration
3. Food intake
4. Exercise
5. Remove makeup and sunblock thoroughly
6. Weather
7. Stress level
8. PMS

Till then…


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