Getting fit with Nosh Meals

I am trying to get fit.

Growing up, I wasn’t taught about eating right or staying healthy. At home, we get to eat what we want.

My husband changed me a lot after we got together. Actually, the first 2 years, I changed him. I showed him my world. I introduced him to Indonesian & Singaporean food. We don’t get to see each other often because of his work. Whenever we met, we ate a lot together.

We came to realised that it was getting out of control after 2 years. I think we both put on 10kg each. We ate a lot, hardly exercise and we were just so happy together.

I managed to lose 5kg before our wedding last year and lost another 5kg after moving to Hong Kong. I just walked my 5kg of fat away.

After 5 years with my husband, I came to realised I need to get myself together. Even though fried chicken is my soul food, I should only have them when I am super stress or unhappy.

Living in Hong Kong has been pleasant. I guess after 30, my food preference changed too. I don’t eat instant noodles anymore, started to drink black coffee and count my calories. I have been taking cooking classes and try to re-make at home. Hence, I was able to control my portion.

Got to know Nosh Meal through a good friend in Hong Kong and I decided to try it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 6.38.33 PM.png

Got my lunch and dinner together.


They prepare weekday meals for you


I picked Nosh’s Light Plan – Lunch & Dinner (1000 calories each day)


Food delivered to your doorsteps


Teriyaki salmon with greens


HKD 1,000 for 5 days (15% off for new members). I ordered 4 days meal plan for
HKD 714 with 15% off included. Each meal was about HKD 89 which I think it was reasonable.

I like Nosh meals because the food is healthy, well planned and hassle-free. You can get it delivered to home or office. Heat it up in microwave before eating.

I will order again for sure.

Checkout their website for more information.

Till then…

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