Embracing ageing

Growing up, was always told that I need to keep my skin fair. Tanned skin is not a good thing. Freckles are ugly. Need to stay skinny. Long hair is a must.

Hence, it does affect how I perceived beauty.

However, as I grew older, I realised there are many types of beauty. Beauty comes in different shapes and colours.

Coming to my 40s in a few years, I had a different perspective about ageing.

I would like to embrace it and age with grace. I do not know what is the way but I am exploring.

After giving birth, I realised how important it is to have strength training. As we aged, we lose muscles. Hence, we need to keep training our muscles.

It is okay to be under the sun but with sunscreen protection. I am into how to maintain an even skin tone instead of how to keep myself tanned or fair skin.

I do not edit my photos to remind myself how I really look like. The most is filters.

To keep myself healthy, I exercise, eat healthy and try to keep a clear mind. Trying to keep everything balanced.

Hardly wear any makeup but if I do, I keep everything to the minimum. I try not to cover my flaws like freckles or textured skin.

Personally, I think I need to improve on my makeup knowledge like what foundation type for current skin condition and season etc. Usually, I just use CC cream from Chanel. It has sunscreen protection and it looks natural.

However, I have 5 different foundations currently. I think it is too much but I do not speak for others.

Selfie in 2017 (before pregnancy) vs 2021 (after 2 pregnancies)

It is not a fair comparison as I used a Canon camera in 2017 while I just used iPhone X in 2021 but oh well…

Will keep exercising, have a balanced diet and keep a clear mind.

Till then…

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