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The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort @ Langkawi, Malaysia

First time in Langkawi and we chose to stay at Andaman Luxury Collection Resort. The stay was great and the view from the hotel was amazing. The building was old but well maintained. The rooms were newly renovated. The staff were really helpful and kind.

The only concern was the distance we had to travel for island hopping and night market. I would suggest to go for the local restaurant in the hotel and skip the rest.

The lobby

lux3528lo-161371_xxPhoto Credit: Starwoods Hotel

Our room for 2 nights

Photo Credit: Starwoods Hotel

Tepian Laut – Malaysian cuisine

Photo Credit: Starwoods Hotel

We kept going back to this restaurant after we had our dinner the first night we arrived because the food was so good. Apparently, people would travel all the way to the hotel, just to have dinner at Tepian Laut.

Romantic dinner for 2


My husband wanted to come back again. However, the next hotel stay will be at Meritus Langkawi instead because of the location to the islands & night bars. Apparently, I got more videos for this trip. Will try to edit soon.

Till then…


Pulai Springs Resort @ Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Had a 2D1N trip to Johor Bahru. It was a company event. Took a coach via Tuas Link and the bus ride was about an hour.

Honestly, the food was terrible except for the Qing Palace Chinese restaurant.

2 Bedroom Suite – Living room & kitchen

9840592f-1172-4c16-bd48-a8b7c4736b38Photo Credit: Pulai Springs Resort

The bedroom

Photo Credit: Pulai Springs Resort

The room was spacious and comfortable. The 2 bedroom price was reasonable (RM 336++, SGD 116++). Nothing fancy so don’t expect much. People usually come here for golf.

They have a mini pub and mini theatre for the guests to enjoy. The last trip to Johor Bahru was in 2014. Singaporeans like to travel to Johor Bahru because it is affordable & convenient to  get there.

Till then…

Strawberry Park Resort @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A short trip to Cameron Highlands from Singapore in 2012. We took a coach from Singapore on Friday night and reached Cameron Highlands the next morning.

We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort for 2 nights. It was a pleasant stay as the rooms were spacious.

studio_suite_01Photo Credit: Strawberry Park Resort

The resort was very relaxing with a great view


Maybe it was the weather, the flowers in the resort were really beautiful


The resort has many dining options so you don’t have to worry. We tried the Strawberry Court Thai Restaurant.


Outdoor view. Since Cameron Highlands as the name suggests on the high, it was cooling.


You should try the strawberry pizza. Looks great and taste delicious.


The food was really delicious

What can you do in Cameron Highlands? We took a day tour.


Strawberry farm


You can either pluck by yourself or purchase them instead


Vegetables farm


Cactus farm


Pitcher Plant, I think


Sweet corn that can be eaten raw


At the end of the tour, we get our steamboat dinner. The vegetables were so fresh.

I loved the steamboat so much because everything was so fresh.


The only downside to this trip was the journey to and fro, on the bus. The ride was about 8 hours… Anyway, it was an awesome trip.

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Lego Land @ Johor Bahru, Malaysia

My first trip to Legoland with my best friend. We took a coach to Legoland from Singapore. It was pretty convenient and it was a short ride.

We booked the tickets through a travel agency. It was about SGD 100 per person. It includes return coach from Singapore and the theme park entrance ticket. We went in 2013, so the water park and hotel was not available yet.


They have rides within Legoland but we skipped. Too old for excitement.

Photo credit: Legoland Malaysia

We also visited KL Petronas Tower.


Kind of… Lego version.


You will be amazed by the great job Lego builders have done. We had a great time traveling the world.

So amazed to see Singapore in such details.


Singapore Flyer


I like the part where there is an introduction to each item.


You can get souvenirs too. Get the Lego key chain and personalize it.


The day trip was fun but it was too hot. The Legoland has little shelter and we were in sweat. We almost got heatstroke. Remember to get a hat, sunglasses, loads of sunblock and loads of water.

Till then…

Penang, Malaysia

I am trying to update my previous trips from 2013. Better late than never.

It was a last minute trip to Penang, Malaysia in December. Due to my husband’s busy working schedule, we always do last minute trip.

Penang has great food and street art. At least, that is what most people visit Penang for. I like Penang because they have similar language as mine. I was able to speak my dialect, Hokkien.

We stayed at Eastern & Oriental Hotel for 2 nights at the deluxe suite.

heritage_deluxe3Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

The breakfast at Sarkies Corner was alright with a wide range of selection.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

We went for high-tea at 1885.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Many people go there for high-tea. There were many Japanese in-house guests and they had menu in Japanese. My tired husband (then boyfriend) feeling relaxed.


I liked the 2 tier sandwiches.


We enjoyed our stay in Eastern & Oriental Hotel. We swam and slept for an hour at the pool.

Photo credit: Eastern & Oriental Hotel

We did sightseeing too. We went for Penang Street Art.


You can’t really believe all the pictures you see. The above picture seems like it was a relaxing afternoon and an old man just passed by. Out of this picture frame, there were many cars and tourists.

Many tourists were there to take pictures too. You have to wait for your turn. It would be better to visit during weekdays instead.


Pictures that I took at Penang Street Art.


I think this picture is very popular (The Boy On Chair). We had to queue.


I love how they had the ladies of different races. I think I asked my husband to pose for my camera.


I love all the bright colored walls and a brief introduction of Penang’s food culture.


I am a big fan of steamboat and this place is famous. Golden Gate if directly translated. Remember to make reservation.


Steamboat was delicious.


The restaurant exterior


Saw this trishaw at Starbucks.


The trip was enjoyable. We did a lot of walking instead of taking the cab. We walked for about an hour from hotel to Golden Gate Restaurant and back. We always enjoy slow walk.

Till then…

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Had a surprise getaway from my husband to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when we just started our relationship. I was surprised and happy because he made an effort despite his busy schedule.

We took a coach from Singapore. Took about 5 – 7 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. We stayed at Ritz Carlton. The room was great.

Deluxe King

It was a 7 minute walk to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping mall.


We visited Merdeka Square.


National Mosque (Masjid Negara)


KL City Gallery


You should try the Hakka KL Restaurant. It was amazing.


It was the best steamboat I ever had.


Nothing fancy but the food was so delicious.


Kuala Lumpur was fun. We had a lot of good food. The coach ride was comfortable for me. I slept like a baby on my way there and back. Throughout the journey on the coach, he held my hand while we sleep. 4 years later, we still do the same. Thank you for making my life so wonderful.

Till then…

Port Dickson, Malaysia March 2014

A trip for my boyfriend with a spa package. He has seen my Port Dickson travel pictures and wanted to go since then.

He works 24/7 and I thought this place would be great for us to relax and enjoy a great spa at Aviilon Port Dickson. We were there for 2 nights. It was pleasant.


It was relaxing. We tried the Avi Signature Spa. He was very happy with the spa but kept asking if it was expensive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A good view from our Water Chalet room.


The resort has plenty of stuff to do. There’s 2 swimming pools, tennis courts & even a Pet Farm. A great place for family too.


I’ve been there twice. I won’t be going back there anytime soon I guess.

Rawa Island, Malaysia July 2012

Rawa Island is like a private beach. It was a wild one. At least, in my context. I saw strangers running butt-naked.

We arrived at the island at 12am and started to party on the beach. It was fun to party and dance away. Found this picture and I have no idea what 2 of my friends are doing.


We woke up to this view in the morning for breakfast.


Home Sweet Home for 2 nights. Nothing fancy but it was awesome for 13 of us to stay under one roof. Kind of…


First victim, he was feeling unwell and just allowed us to draw whatever we wanted.


The other victim was tough. He put on a strong fight. Took many of us to pin him down.


I hope to go back to the island.


And lastly, our group picture except for one friend who was taking this picture.