Weight Loss Journey in Hong Kong

I was putting on weight back in Singapore. After I started working, my weight has been increasing gradually.

With increased job responsibilities, I had to work longer hours. I stopped exercising and eat more to release my stress.

In my mid 20s, I was slim (47kg).


In my late 20s, my body weight fluctuated. My peak was 60kg.

In my 30s, it got worst with slower metabolism. My body got jiggly… Honestly, I couldn’t believe myself when I saw the pictures of my body (taken March 2016). My husband took these before our wedding ceremony. I did my own exercises and diet which didn’t seem to work much as it did previously when I was in my early 20s…


After coming to Hong Kong, I lost about 5kg but I looked weak (49kg).

After much struggle, I finally decided to seek professional help. I am not looking for weight lost, more of reduce body fat and build muscles. After 30s, body doesn’t seem tight as previously.

Hoping to get myself tone up and stronger core muscles.

I went to 5 places to check the gym environment and personal trainer. I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable with the personal trainer.

Google search of others looking for personal trainer to realised one of the main criteria for personal trainer is comfortable level. In Hong Kong, personal trainer charged by per session (1 hour for me).

Had one bad experience with one of the Japanese private gym which I had so much high hope. Honestly, it was my first option and decided to sign up even before I met the personal trainer.

However, the personal trainer cancelled on me last minute and when I tried to arrange again, had very late response. I confronted and was then told that she was leaving the company…

Anyway, I found an awesome personal trainer after visiting 5 gyms.

I did 3 training sessions each week. Each session includes weight training and some sort of cardio. My personal trainer keeps a record of things I do each session.

I did squats, a love-hate relationship

Photo Credits: http://www.healthylivingheavylifting.com/

Below is my result after a month


The most significant result was my chest increased from 29.5″ to 32″. 2.5″ of chest in a month! My personal trainer was shocked. He mentioned it was my back muscles. So my boobs are the same size.

My butt increased 0.5″. Who knew squats and deadlift would make such a change.

After 4 months, I took another measurement


My chest increased a total of 4.5″. That’s like 11.5 cm!!! That’s crazy. I couldn’t wear some of my clothes anymore. My butt increased an inch. My shins decreased 0.25″.

I have not taken another measurement yet but will soon. I started out personal training to build more muscles and reduce fat. I also changed my eating habits, which I think is one of the contributing factor to getting a leaner body.

Taken last week


I realised I have less back fat, better standing and sitting posture, less flabby arms and my tummy is tighter. I look more healthy in general.

I have a new target, which is to have abs and further reduce my body fat percentage.

I am enjoying my new life, exercising and eating healthier. I am still learning as I go. So thankful to be able to spend time and take care of myself.

Honestly, the change in my body is fun yet troublesome. Clothes doesn’t seem to fit anymore. I had to change my underwear because they got too loose. My shoe size went down 1 size. I think it is a good time to tidy up my wardrobe again.

I will take pictures of myself like 2 years ago. Just to compare the body transformation.

I personally recommend weight lifting for females. Females do not get big by just weight lifting. We need to do more than just that. I have been lifting for 5 months yet I do not look muscular at all.

Benefits of weight lifting:
1. Build more muscles to burn fat
2. Better posture
3. It improves bone density
4. More energised

I would also recommend to have either yoga (for stretching out the muscles) or weekly massage (to reduce the tension).

I am growing to love weight lifting. Honestly, I was dying when I started my sessions. Mental and physical struggles. Not to mention the after workout soreness…

Anyway, if you ever plan to do weight lifting or any form of weight loss exercise, be prepared for changes.

Things to I noticed when I lost weight:
1. Require new clothing (Underwear, clothes & shoes)
2. Loose skin on body
3. Wrinkles seem more obvious
4. Veins are more obvious
5. People you know might ask if you are unwell due to the sudden weight loss
6. Wedding ring becomes too big
7. I feel I look much better in my clothes (must be the posture factor)
8. I sleep better

I believe the most important factor of weight loss is to do it progressively, with healthy methods. Most of all, to enjoy the whole process.

Some people told me they rather eat the things they want when I told them I do not take carbs on non workout days. Honestly, that was what I have been doing for the past 32 years.

I want to make better food choices in my life. Of course, I have my cheat days too. I am glad I am learning.

I will update more soon.

Till then…


  1. theyokohamalife

    Great post! I’m 160cm and currently weigh 63.9kg. At my highest I was 75kg and couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. Although I’ve lost a ton of weight, my body isn’t like it was in my 20s. Like you said, things just aren’t as toned as they were before. You’re making great progress though and it’s inspiring!


  2. Mei

    Thanks for sharing! I was thinking of going to Rizap for transformation but your comments definitely help me to reconsider! Wondering which other 5 awesome places you went? Which one would you recommend? I am looking for 1 on 1 training and prefer not too packed! Don’t wanted to wait for long time to book my session.


    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Hi Mei,

      Maybe it was just my luck. I guess it is better to meet up the Personal Trainer. Most important is to feel comfortable.

      I went to a few places:
      1. Rizap (Japan) – Very bad customer experience
      2. UP Fitness (UK) – Results oriented
      3. Studio Fitness (Closed down) – I am still with the personal trainer
      4. Pure Fitness – Personal trainer I met was awesome but the sales person was really rude
      5. Anytime Fitness – Average, reasonable price

      I hope you find your personal trainer. Good luck.


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