Tomorrowland Tailored Made Suit @ Tokyo, Japan

Wedding… Just when you think only the bride-to-be would have expectations… My husband surprised me a lot…

He told me he would like to have his tailored made tuxedo from Tomorrowland. It is a Japanese clothing brand that has both it’s own brands & overseas brands.

Brand overview taken from

Original Brands
Each brand has its own expression of taste and a different personality, but our dedication to making clothes does not change.

Constantly seeking something better, something newer, TOMORROWLAND continues
to grow as each brand expands its creative ideas in its own way.
We hope that each brand does not compete against another for sales, but that the brands become friendly rivals in order to increase the richness of their expressiveness.

Overseas Brands
TOMORROWLAND is the source of overseas brands in the Japanese market. These brands share, not only the same thoughts on fashion,

but also lifestyle, space, brand concepts, as well as designers and staff of TOMORROWLAND.
These partnerships with overseas brands give extra shine to TOMORROWLAND.

Tomorrowland @ Ginza

Photo Credit:

We spent almost 2 hours at Tomorrowland, picking his ideal tuxedo. While waiting for my husband, I get to relaxed with non-alcoholic drinks.

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Just amazed with the great selection of good quality suits and tuxedos, and of course, great service.

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Something more fancy

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The staff was really professional. He listened to our needs & requirements and made suggestions accordingly. That made the tuxedo selection process so much more enjoyable & efficient.

Just an example on the total cost of a complete look (prices taken from official website)

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.50.25 PM.png

TIE ¥17,280 [BLECH]

A total of ¥197, 640 (SGD 2,544) for a complete look (excluding belt & shoes).

A random picture I took. Not his final selection though. They have ready made sizes to try on and will make the adjustments accordingly to your body shape. They took about a week to alter and delivered back to his hometown.


Counting down to our wedding

Till then…

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