French Brand – Balmain

In 1945 postwar Paris, Pierre Balmain founded his historic fashion house and quickly rose to fame, popularizing a style of nipped waists, lavish embellishments, and an ultra-feminine aesthetic. Since taking the helm in 2011, Olivier Rousteing continues to honor Balmain’s creative spirit, infusing the master’s architectural lines with a fearless use of color and a sexy, modern vibe.

For many years, I have been trying to find something similar to Balmain and failed miserably… My husband would question my outfits when I wore my blazers or jackets.

Passed by Balmain in Japan and causally tried on. I bought 2, one blazer and one pea-coat! My husband encouraged me to get both even though the designs were similar. They were on discount.

DOUBLE-BREASTED WOOL BLAZER – ¥ 260, 000 (tax excluded/original price)


COAT SHORT PEA-COAT C-MIX – ¥ 409, 000 (tax excluded/original price)


Look like I am on my way to work but I was going for my Japanese class


Great to wear Balmain coat. Just need to tidy up my closet… Make way for a few simple good quality items. Things I do in my 30s…

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