Japanese magazines for 30s


When I was growing up in Singapore as a teen, J-Pop was the thing. Japanese music & fashion heavily influenced the teens. Girls would buy Japanese magazines (particularly ViVi) to learn the fashion and makeup.

Occasionally, I would buy… Even though K-Pop is the thing right now. I personally still prefer Japanese. Being over 30, I felt Vivi fashion and makeup is too young for me. So I went to search for magazines suitable for my current age. I went to Japan bookstores to get some magazines and would like to share. These magazines are also available in Singapore.

I started with Oggi.


From the cover, you can tell the fashion is more sophisticated look.They talk about clothes, accessories, handbags, nail art etc. They will state where to get the items with the prices. A top would range about ¥15,000 (SGD 180) and above. I guess the target audience are working professional.



They focus more on skincare, makeup, nail, hairstyle & healthy diet. I like the hairstyle part where they teach you how to style your hair. This page is from March 2016 issue.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.40.33 PM.png



They focus about makeup, skincare, clothes and wedding stuff. I like their makeup. Simple and easy.


Currently, I am checking out on these 3 magazines to change my look. For clothes, I can only go back to Japan for shopping next trip. Makeup & skincare, I could ask my husband to buy during his business trips. He offered so how can I say no.

Till then…

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