Our Wedding @ Majestic Chapel, Ritz Carlton Bali on 27th August 2016

Firstly, we like to thank our family & friends again, for taking time to come to Bali to attend our wedding. It was a small wedding of only 20 guests.

After visiting Bali twice for site inspection, we finally decided to have our wedding ceremony at Ritz Carlton Bali.

We will have to wait for a month before we get our wedding pictures. However, our family & friends took some great pictures for us too. Sharing some for now but will update more photos & video after we receive them.

Majestic Chapel

Photo Credit: Yuzo Tamaki

Walking down to this

Photo Credit: Yuzo Tamaki

The flowers decoration

Photo Credit: Yuzo Tamaki

My anxious husband

Photo Credit: Yuzo Tamaki

Only for the single ladies

Photo Credit: Yuzo Tamaki

Just glad that it is finally over. Wedding is so tiring and takes a lot of planning.

The venue was amazing. The staff worked really hard. However, there were some hiccups for room charges & airport pickup.

We have stated clearly that most of the room charges are on our account but the request was not informed to the reservations. Hence, our guests need to pay for their rooms.

My parents, sister & her family arrived in Bali at 2.30pm but had to wait at the airport for almost 2 hours because Ritz Carlton Bali mistook the pickup location. It was suppose to be International airport while the staff was waiting at domestic airport.

Once arrived at the hotel at about 5.30pm, the front desk staff requested my sister to make payment for the hotel stay when it was suppose to be under our account.

My sister settled with them and only mentioned it to me when it was settled.

The horror didn’t end there. They mentioned the rooms was not ready. Hence, they left for dinner and came back at 10pm. One of the rooms was not ready yet…

The room was only available after 11pm.

I am so sorry for my parents, sister & family. They were exhausted from all the hiccups.

They also double charged one of our friends for the room. We are still in the midst of settling it…

Anyway, if you ever stay with ritz Carlton Bali, please check your bill properly. When we were checking-out, a guest just said, “I can’t trust you guys.  I need to check carefully!”

It seems like the staff do not have communication and proper training. However, everyone is working very hard. I just hope they become better so people really pay for the good service & quality.

If you are interested in holding your wedding in Bali, you can check out the links below:

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1. St Regis Bali
2. Ritz Carlton Bali
3. Mulia Bali
4. Banyan Tree Bali

Till then…

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