Majestic Chapel @ Ritz Carlton Bali, Indonesia

Ritz Carlton Bali was newly opened in February 2015. We did our wedding site inspection & stayed over a night, last September 2015. You can read the post here.

We were searching for the venue for our wedding in Bali. Ritz Carlton was one of our options because we just like Ritz Carlton.

In Ritz Carlton Bali, we have 4 options to choose from:

1. Majestic Chapel Wedding – USD 7, 888 ++
Photo Credit: Ritz Carlton Bali

2. In-Villa Wedding – USD 6, 988 ++
Photo Credit: Ritz Carlton Bali

3. Beach Front Wedding – USD 5, 888 ++
Photo Credit: Ritz Carlton Bali

4. Garden Wedding – USD 5, 988 ++
Photo Credit: Ritz Carlton Bali

Ritz Carlton wedding specialist was quite rude to us during our site inspection. I sent an email to her after I got back to Singapore. I wanted to feedback on her services. I guess she assumed we will not be interested to hold our wedding and we are just wasting her time.

We contacted her about the wedding in December 2014. Initially, she was responsive. I mentioned to her we might be able to head back to Bali in early 2015. Unfortunately, my husband was extremely busy with work and we had our wedding reception in Japan, mid year. We only made our trip in September 2015.

Even so, she should have been professional. Anyway, I will share St Regis site inspection soon.

Till then…

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