Harmony Chapel @ Mulia Bali, Indonesia

I did my research about having a small wedding in Singapore. The venues I chose were restaurants at Dempsey Hill, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Capella Hotel etc. My husband thought it would be nice to have our wedding at Bali instead of Singapore.

Hence, we travelled to Bali, in search for our wedding venue. After the visit, I am glad we are having our wedding in Bali.

Just wanted to share a few places we went for site visit. Hope it will help those who are considering to have wedding at Bali.

Since Bali is popular for weddings, most of the hotels have wedding packages very well thought for both big & small weddings. Firstly, the definition of

Big wedding – 100 guests & above
Small wedding – 30 guests & below

Mulia was one of my options because I stayed in Mulia Jakarta before. I thought the Indonesia food was delicious & the hotel stay was very comfortable.

They have 2 chapels. One of them is Eternity Chapel that caters up to 250 guests

Photo Credit: Mulia Bali

The other is the Harmony Chapel

Photo Credit: Mulia Bali

It is a unique structure. It depends on how you decorate the interior with flowers.

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Photo Credit: balishukawedding.com

One concern for me was, it was an open concept. The temperature of the room depends on the weather. I was afraid it might rain or if it might get too hot for the guests.

So it can be used as your wedding ceremony and also the wedding reception.

Photo Credit: sg.asiatatler.com

Wedding reception with a view

story-20140924113319-diningPhoto Credit: sg.asiatatler.com

We tried the food at one of the restaurants and it was acceptable. My husband didn’t like the concept of the hotel. The wedding planner told us he would send us the wedding package but we never received it.

However, you can get them over their website for Harmony Wedding Chapel.

I did a comparison of the Bali hotels we visited. I will try to share soon.

Till then…

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