Beach Wedding @ St Regis Bali, Indonesia

Searching a venue for our wedding in Bali is a lot of work. St Regis Bali was one of our options. St Regis Bali’s wedding specialist has been very professional and the wedding packages information were well organized. The best part was that the wedding packages were all net prices. It was easier for us to manage our budget.

Most importantly, the food at St Regis Bali was delicious (Kayuputi Restaurant).

1. Beach wedding with 2 types of package (USD 4, 700 or USD 5, 500)

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2. Cloud Nine Chapel wedding with 2 types of package(USD 4, 000 or USD 9, 300)

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3. Garden wedding (USD 4, 600)


We were considering the beach wedding for St Regis Bali, where the bride would walk out from the villa to the beach. The Cloud Nine Chapel was well maintained but it didn’t felt right for us. It was a tough decision on deciding the place but our decision has been made.

Can’t believe our wedding is next month.

Till then…


    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Hi, firstly congrats.

      My wedding is only for 2o guests.

      The hotel is helping me for the arrangement on the day itself but I did engage an agency to help me on makeup, photography & video. They do help to plan your wedding.

      The wedding planner has been very responsive and follow up constantly. Maybe you can check their website. They have offices in 6 countries. I will update more after my wedding. In the meantime, their website below:

      Happy planning


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