Garuda Indonesia Business Class – Singapore/Bali

Our first business class together has been interesting. We went to the business class counter to check-in. The ground staff gave me an annoyed look and said sarcastically, “Are you flying by economy or business class?”

Me replied without hesitation,”Business Class”. Took me 2 seconds to realized what just happened… She seemed grouchy throughout our check-in. Honestly, I do not understand what we have done to her.


Anyway, the best thing we love about it, is the leg space even though we have short legs


Champagne for him & Martebe for me


Lunch menu in English


Lunch menu in Bahasa Indonesia


My excited husband as we were the only 2 passengers on business class


Beef Gulai


Pan Fried Fish


Comfortable seats

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My husband was very happy because he was able to work during his flight, had a good rest and the food was reasonable good.

Anyway, only for our wedding trip with business class.

Till then…

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