Matsuo Sushi Restaurant @ Goldhill Plaza

I have been staying at Novena for a long time but I never knew about Matsuo Sushi until my then colleague in P&G brought me there for lunch. I fell in love with the food and brought my husband there.

We were just friends then. He told me it was so difficult to find a good Japanese Sushi restaurant in Singapore. I did not understand why until he told me about his first sushi experience was at Sakae restaurant.

We have moved to Tanjong Pagar but we do miss Novena chan (that’s how we call it). Headed to Matsuo Sushi on Valentine’s Day for dinner.

Omakase sashimi (SGD 55++)
Sushi (SGD 3++ to SGD 18++ per piece)
Chawamushi (SGD 6++)
Grilled Salmon (Couldn’t remember the price)


How a good Japanese Sushi restaurant looks like from the outside. Nothing fancy. Simple & nice.


In Singapore, one needs to pay at least SGD 80 to enjoy good sushi & sashimi. I miss Japan so much.

Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza Singapore 308900
Operating hours: Mon-Sat 11.30am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm
Sun 6pm – 10pm

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Till then…

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