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Waxing – Strip, Ministry of Waxing

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HolyMoly Doppio Lady Bicycle in Singapore


There has been a rise in trend to own a bicycle. Depending on individual needs, there is a wide selection to choose in Singapore.

Bicycle stores and cafes around the island. I’m an amateur. I have no idea what technical specifications. I just know Shimano bicycle parts are of good quality.

At least I know I need a good bicycle to cycle from home to Gardens By the Bay and back with enjoyment. Hence, big wheels would be good. I am bad at cycling, so I need to test ride to see if I am comfortable with the height of the big wheels.

Lastly, I love vintage lady bicycle. The design allows me to get on and off the bicycle with grace. I love Dutch inspired bicycle since the last trip to Netherlands. I was amazed how young kids can handle their bicycle bigger than them. Even my nephew is better than me. He learn cycling at the age of 2 while I was 18…

This is him on the road. So little yet so confident.

Dutch cycling at young age

Bicycle is a transport for Dutch for daily commute. I like the idea that Dutch has a bicycle path. I had an experience in Netherlands and I decided to become better with cycling.

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