SKII Senzational Facial Spa @ Millennia

There is a Chinese saying, “世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人” . Translated, “In this world, there is no ugly lady but only lazy lady”. I can be the laziest person, or at least the consensus of both my mom and younger sister.

Okay, I am lazy. Do you know the amount of time it takes to put on makeup? The most important part is the removing of makeup. I wonder how many girls actually do them properly…

I met my husband for the first time at a paintball event. I had no makeup on and wearing the most ugliest clothes possible. I am being practical, it is paintball that we are talking about. We get dirty.

My husband was shocked. I guess it was a cultural shock. In Japan, wearing makeup is form of showing respect to others.

Anyway, what I am driving at is, no matter how lazy I am, I need to start taking of myself well. Not wearing loads of makeup to hide my age but taking care of my health and skin.

My husband and I works late. The difference, he still looks young while I find my skin sagging… Life is never fair.

I mentioned it to my BFF and she agreed. She is also like me, does not wear makeup. However, her working hours are different. She works from 3pm to 12am and she has been doing it for the last 7 years…

Hence, BFF and I have decided to do something about it. We are going to try facial. This will be her virgin facial at the age of 31! We went to Millennia outlet.


The initial part was expected, the skin test where they take a picture of your face and analyze. I have not gone for facial since 6 years ago. Having been using SKII products for the last 5 years.

The result of the skin test age was 21. The biggest skin condition was skin refinement.


It was funny. My BFF took the skin test last week, age 22. She purchased SKII products and the following week. Her skin age was 28?! Haha. Maybe she should stop using any skin products?

Anyway, the facial experience was average. The therapist I had was insistent that I should sign a package. She started with, it is not good that I do not go for facial. Blackheads would block my pores. She warned me that my extraction will be painfully since I never go facial.

However, it was still easy for her to extract. She went on telling my that one needs to put on sunblock once you get up… She also told me that the reflectiveness within the house etc. Yes, I agree but aren’t we obsess with beauty?!

Just annoyed that after the facial, was asked to sign package. I told her I was going to Japan for reception and she insisted I should come every 2 weeks to look good…

I have been using SKII for 5 years. I have dry skin. Apparently, it was because I have used too much of whitening products. Previously, I went to the SKII to ask why but the counter just told me that should not be the case, just keep using it…

I just got to know it through a lady working in Changi Duty Free when I got back from Sydney. Now, I have to use more products. This will never end…

Previously, I have been using the below for day & night.


Now, I have to use these (Day & Night):


This will never end… This is too much to look good… I am very lazy… Fine, I will still use SKII products. Plus, eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Have a happy mind, body and soul. I believe the appearance will improve.

The next time I have the skin test, I bet I will be 18. Hahaha…

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