Waxing – Strip, Ministry of Waxing

Waxing has been a love-hate relationship for me. It has been a monthly affair for me for years. With relocating and traveling for months, I had to search for other options besides the regular place I frequent in Singapore.

Also, the place I used to frequent (I have signed up for package previously), the services got really terrible. One of the bad experiences was the online booking I made (with email confirmation on the appointment time I made)  but was told it was 1 hour later. I showed them the confirmation email (with the timing I booked) but was told to wait for 1 hour…

I do not think it was the system error. One of the staff must have changed my booking without informing me. The staff just plainly asked me to wait or come back another day. No apologies or explanation.

The outlet is at Capitol Piazza.

Took this issue to their Facebook but no response. I still had to continue using their services because of the package I signed up with them. Just tried to find my review on their Facebook but it seems it has been removed…

Anyway, Strip became my option when I finally used up my package with the terrible one in Singapore and when I was in New York.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 6.04.58 AM

They have an outlet in Hong Kong too.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 6.05.46 AM

My experience in New York has been pleasant. The waxing therapist was from Malaysia. The environment was similar with the ones in Singapore.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.49.18 AM
Photo Credit: Strip US

The room setup in New York

origPhoto Credit: Strip US

The workstation

Photo Credit: nytimes.com

Overall, it was good but the price is 70% more expensive compared to Singapore (excluding tips). The experience was similar to Singapore.

I also tried Strip in Hong Kong recently. Overall, I am also satisfied and signed up a package with them after the first session.

The room setup in Hong Kong

Photo Credit: Strip HK

Apparently, waxing is not as popular compared to Singapore. Locals in Hong Kong prefers laser. I was told it was more accessible and cheaper.

My experience with Strip in 3 countries has been consistent. However, outlets in each country are not related. Hence, you need to fill in new information every time you visit in a new country. Prices varies too.

Below are the price comparison (prices based on March 2017)

No Overview Singapore New York Hong Kong
1 No. of Outlets 15 1 1
2 Service Waxing
3 Price SGD 62 USD 75
(SGD 106)
HKD 440
(SGD 80)
4 % Variance N.A +71% +30%

However, there is one difference from Singapore. I was provided “Wax Kit” every time I visit Singapore outlet. Very cheeky design.


I was told by the staff that waxing therapists are trained by the same group of trainers, within Asia. They will get yearly training and exams to ensure the standards are well maintained. Only when they passed the exams, they can continue to work or hired.

Till then…

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