ABC COOKING STUDIO – Easy Osechi (Japanese New Year’s Dishes)

Happy Japanese New Year. Took this class in January but only updating now. Due to COVID-19, husband missed Japan. I thought it would be nice to make this and let him try.

I don’t know if I will make this every year but I do want my kid to experience his Japanese culture. I might need to check with my mother-in-law how to make it as husband said it taste different from home.

Things I have to do for my husband and kid.

Anyway, below are the items:

  1. Salmon Grilled in Kyoto-Style White Miso
  2. Shrimp Simmered & Glazed in Light Dashi
  3. White Turnip Pickled in Sweet Vinegar
  4. Kinton (Mashed Sweet Potatoes) with Chestnuts
  5. Black Beans & Strawberries Marinated in Cointreau Liqueur
  6. Decoratively Cut Boiled Fish Paste (Camellia Flowers)

7. Ozoni (Rice-Cake Soup) with White Miso

8. Easy Chikuzenni (Chicken Stew with Root Vegetables) Made in a Cooking Bag

I did order osechi from Oisix as the cooked portion is only meant for one person. I will share where to order osechi in Hong Kong in another post.

Till then…

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