Clothes I wear in my 30s – Jackets

No effort is my style… In another words, I care less about fashion and has no idea. For me, what matters most is quick to wear and comfort. Basically, jeans and t-shirts. I would get the same item but in different colours.

Sometimes, I go crazy and would get bright pink skirt or green shirt. Honestly, it was a mess but this is part of me. I had zero concept of fashion. I did not understand about quality, cutting and details. I do not have a specific brand to go to. Some friends around me would buy luxurious bags and clothes but I was not intrigued.

My clothes in my 20s


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I have no concept of brands and image. I just buy things that I like and affordability. There are times when I bought an item and it was inspired by some luxurious brand that I am not aware of. As I got older I learn more about brands and each brand has it’s image or target audience.

My perspective has change, partly because of my husband. I learned that Japanese care a lot about their image. They dress according to their age group. Of course, there would be exceptions too.

For the past few years, I have been doing my own research about minimal wardrobe. It is not a one day thing and requires discipline and consistency. At least for myself.

I started with Japanese magazines about hair, makeup and fashion. I started to notice that Japanese really follow the trends they see on the magazines. So much effort to look effortless.

I would say Japanese and French are similar in certain ways. They like details and subtle about brands.

I grew up in South East Asia, where branding seems a must in clothings. You need to show the brand. Hence, it was really interesting to see each culture’s preference on clothings as I explore.

I started with Japanese brands, followed by French labels. I realised I love jackets.

One of my favourite jacket is from Japanese label, Macphee. It’s Navy with gold buttons. It can worn with jeans, pants or dress. I think it was about ¥25,000.


I like to wear it with jeans and white t-shirt

Sometimes, I wear it with pants and shirt.

Another jacket from Japanese label, United Arrows. It comes with a matching shorts (sold separately). It was also about ¥25,000.


I also wear it with jeans and white t-shirt.

Biker jacket from Green Label Relaxing (United Arrows). It was about ¥22,000.

Balmain black peacoat with gold buttons for winter. Original price was ¥409, 000 but on discount.

Balmain jacket in black with sliver buttons. Original price was ¥260, 000 and was on discount too.

Chanel crop jacket from Cruise 2020. This is the most expensive jacket I have ever own and it is meant for my son’s school interview. I was looking at off season jackets but I could not find any. This was the best fit on me.

Recently bought a military jacket from Maje.

I use to have a oversize grey coat but it was not a quality piece.

I was considering the coat below but hesitated as I have too many navy items. When I decided to purchase, it was out of stock.

I purchased the below item online but something went wrong with the order and it was cancelled. Apparently, you need to use a local credit card to purchase. When I tried again, the item was sold out.

Again, both items are in Navy. Maybe it was a good thing I did not get them. I will continue to search for an oversize coat, plus denim jacket. Have not seen anything I like. I have no specific brand but will refer to Japanese magazines for ideas.

Another item I liked but did not purchase as my husband said it looked like bathrobe. The price was also pretty expensive for me.

Hopefully I can find them soon and my jacket collection will be complete. It was a good thing that I did not put on weight after giving birth. However, I am still working on tightening my tummy…

With the COVID-19, Japan trip has been cancelled. I guess I will not be able to shop for a while. Shall just focus on exercising.

Till then…



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