Lumix GX8

I know this is a old model but this is an upgrade from my Lumix GF2.

I started with Lumix GF2 (Pink) in 2010. It was my first micro 4/3 camera. I love the pictures taken and had been using it till 2015.

Honestly, I dropped it once in 2014 and had to repair it at Panasonic Service Centre. It was not cheap but I really liked it.

Below are some pictures I took with Lumix GF2 (14mm pancake lens)

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As I got older, I felt pink camera is too flashy and I wanted more from a camera. Initially, I got Canon GX7 Mark II, a point & shoot. It was easy to use and light. However, I lost it last year…

Took me 6 months before deciding to get a new camera. I liked Leica lens. I like the colour composition. My husband asked if I would like to get Leica camera instead. I like Leica camera because of the design and durability. However, paying at least USD 6,000 is not what I would like to do.

When comes to buying a camera, I would ask myself what I would like to use it for. I like to take

– 4K video
– Rotating LCD
– Viewfinder
– Dust & splash proof
– External mic port
– Interchangeable lens
– Image stabliser
– Sleek design
– Colour composition

After much search, I found Lumix GX8 the ideal one for me. I have checked Lumix GX9 but some of the functions I was looking for were not available. In Japan, it is named Lumix GX7 Mark III instead.

I know it is a model from 2015 but I do not mind. I tried to search online and got advice from my awesome brother-in-law. Managed to find a brand new Lumix GX8 (black, camera body) @ ¥ 69, 000 (USD 624), Japan online website. Original retail price was at USD 1,199.99. It is about 52% off.

I was also considering Lumix G9 but I felt it was too big for my small hands… After much consideration, I decided with Lumix GX8.

It will be delivered to my husband’s Japan home, within a few days. I will need to wait for a month to get my hands on it but I am happy to wait.

Till then…

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