Happy 2019, just another year older…

Many thoughts…

I am someone who evaluates values and behaviour constantly. Personal and others, of course. Hence, I am always exhausted from social gatherings. Especially, during festive seasons.

Traveling to Indonesia, Netherlands, Japan and Singapore within a month to visit family and friends. I guess this will be a norm. I used to love traveling but now I dread traveling. The constant traveling within a month, the temperature fluctuation, the languages etc. However, I love the variations of cuisines (Not a good thing if I like to keep myself in a good shape)!

When I was younger, I traveled on economy class, stayed at 3 star hotel or hostel and had a great time. Now, I travel on business class, stay in 5 star hotel and feel exhausted. I guess 20’s and 30’s body condition do make a difference. As you get older, you prefer comfort. That’s just my experience. I do have friends who has been traveling first class since they were teenagers. I wonder how they feel traveling now…

Everyone seems excited with New Year. Every time New Year, people tend to feel it’s a new start to something great. It is nice to feel this way but I like to be honest with myself.

Looking back, things were pretty much the same until 2017. A new life in Hong Kong, without toxic people. It was the year I made a resolution, to keep toxic people out of my life. Till now, I constantly evaluate people I mingle with.

My husband working hard towards his goals while I try to support him as much as I can. Financially, we got better and were able to afford finer things in life. For a while, we enjoyed but I came to realised we started to have expectations. We changed…

Apart from that, I am pretty much the same. I clean the house, take care of my cat (she peed everywhere except in the litter box), enjoy daily bus rides and lookout for great discounts.

I took care of myself more. No matter how much wealth one has, it cannot buy you health. I started to hit the gym with a Personal Trainer. This is the most expensive expense for the year.

Adjusting myself to Hong Kong. I love the energy here.

Visited a fertility doctor and started to plan on starting a family.

In 2018, I continued with personal training and learned how to eat healthy. My body posture improved after a year of training. I like the new me and would like to improve further.

I passed my JLPT N3 and N2!

My cat, Lilo pretty much gave me a hard time… She peed on our bed many times and everywhere else. Exhausted from constantly sniffing everything like a canine… Wondering if I should “cage” her… Abandoning her is not an option.


Found out the “secret” I kept for years was actually an open secret…

How my husband and I went to the bank to get a cheque, in order to pay tax (for the first time in Hong Kong) but was asked to pay over at the ATM instead. The maximum amount you can pay tax over the ATM is 100, 000 HKD.

Apparently, they automatically removed a few zeros from the total amount we have to pay…. I had to inform them the actual amount. They stared at the tax paper for 2 whole minutes before processing….

It was quite a funny and frustrating experience.

Got my Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Europe


I also got Louis Vuitton Horizon Rolling Suitcase


The best part was I put them in Ikea big blue bag (Thanks to my awesome sister for bringing it for me). I was afraid of getting robbed… Asian in Europe, easy target…

My husband took a picture of me with the big Ikea bag but I will not post it… It was hilarious though. I did a lot of research and comparison (in Excel file) so I was able to decide quickly.

Sad news of Hong Kong Airlines going bankrupt in 2018. Always love traveling with them because of the pricing and service quality. Now, I have to take Cathay…


I was successful, not getting pregnant for the whole year of 2018!!! Hence, I have decide to take HSG test in 2019… I didn’t know getting pregnant could be so hard…

While traveling last month, my husband and I got sick. However, my husband was so sick that he almost got hospitalised in Japan. That freaked me out. Will remind my husband not to push himself too much and always rest when needed.

2018 was a year that put my values to test. Made me re-think the life I want to have, how to react to others who are not so nice, how to communicate more with my loved ones, how to be more acceptable to others who do not share the same values as me and how to be more forgiving.

Very thankful to be able to spend quality time with family and friends in 2018.

2019, I will take it slow this year.

Till then…

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