Busy Traveling Months

Trying to keep myself calm…

I don’t think I can travel like my husband… 11 cities in 5 weeks… I told him I need a break from traveling… Last week was back in Jakarta, to visit my grandma.

Now, I am back in Hong Kong for a week, play with my cat and clean the house, before I head to Japan, Netherlands, a break and Singapore.

It is hard to pack for winter too… Heading to Netherlands to meet my family for Christmas, Japan for New Year and Singapore for my BFF’s wedding.

Taking economy class to Okinawa just because I want to save HKD 3,000. However, I just realised I will have to pay for excess baggage since I am carrying all my winter clothes of 3 weeks…

I am also carrying an electric cooking pot. Hahaha… It is a gift for my sister. We can have hotpot in Netherlands. Apparently, it is hard to find electric hotpot in Europe. Found one but it cost 900 Euros?! No way…

I have not been updating my blog… I should and I shall try during my trip.

I am actually stress from traveling… 3 weeks without weightlifting… I need to find time to do it too. I do not want to lose my muscles.


Hopefully, I will not eat too much… Hahaha… Heading to Okinawa in less than 24 hours. Hope everyone enjoy the last 2 weeks of 2018.

Till then…

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