Five-Piece French Wardrobe challenge

Many factors before I decided to try this:

1. Need to change my wardrobe because I lost a total of 5-6kg (clothes do not fit anymore)
2. Moving to Hong Kong made me realised I don’t wear most of my clothes anymore
(For example, I stopped wearing short skirts after 30)
3. I need to have 4 season clothing (I miss 365 days of sunny Singapore)
4. Hope to have few but good quality clothes (Less fast fashion clothes)
5. Recent craze how french girls are so elegant and trendy with the basics

The Rules
1: Basics do not count and are always allowed
2: Accessories do not count
3: Shoes do count
4: Socks and underwear do not count
5: All the rest counts


Below are the items I currently have but will try to reduce them. Hopefully, to have good quality pieces instead of quantity.

The Basics List

No Category Item Brand
1 Top (Basic)  Grey t-shirt  H&M
2 Top (Basic) Grey t-shirt  Polo Ralph Lauren
3 Top (Basic) White t-shirt
4 Top (Basic) White blouse  Tomorrowland
5 Top (Basic) White Button Down
6 Top (Basic) Cashmere Sweater  Tomorrowland
7 Top (Basic) Black blazer  Zara
8 Top (Basic) Little black dress Ralph Lauren
9 Top (Basic) Little black dress Gucci
10 Top (Basic) Little black dress Michael Kors
11 Top (Basic)  Black blouse  Ted Baker
12 Top (Basic) Striped t-shirt   H&M
13 Top (Basic) Black blouse  Beams
14 Top (Basic) Striped blouse  Air Space
15 Top (Basic) Blue button down Ralph Lauren

Top (Basic)

Black turtle neck Uniqlo
17 Co-ord sets (Basic) Black (pants) Lowrys Farm
18 Co-ord sets (Basic) Blue (pants)  Core Women
19 Top  Blue Gown Tory Burch
20 Top  Blue Gown  Quiz Clothing
No Category Item Brand
1 Bottom (Basic)
Black jeans
2 Bottom (Basic)
Boyfriend jeans
3 Bottom (Basic)
Black skirt
Banana Republic
4 Bottom (Basic) Black skirt  Ted Baker
5 Bottom (Basic)  Grey Skirt
6 Bottom (Basic) Blue skirt Uniqlo
7 Bottom (Basic) Blue skirt Banana Republic
8 Bottom (Basic) Blue pants Beams
9 Bottom (Basic) Blue pants  Uniqlo
10 Bottom (Basic) Blue pants  Banana Republic
11 Bottom (Basic)  White pants Uniqlo
12 Bottom (Basic) Blue pants Zara
13 Bottom Green pants Tomorrowland
14 Bottom Purple shorts G2000
15 Bottom  Green crop pants Banana Republic
No Category Item Brand
1 Outerwear (Basic) Leather jacket United Arrows
2 Outerwear (Basic) Trenchcoat Club Monaco
3 Outerwear (Basic) Wool coat United Arrows
4 Outerwear (Basic) White cardigan Polo Ralph Lauren
5 Outerwear (Basic) White pullover Gap
 6 Outerwear (Basic)  Windbreaker  Rope Picnic
 7 Outerwear Green jacket  Cecil McBee
No Category Item Brand
1 Shoes (Basic) Black pumps  Kurt Geiger
2 Shoes (Basic)
Black ankle boots
 Au Bannister
3 Shoes (Basic)
Black sandals
 Steve Madden
4 Shoes (Basic)
White sneakers
 Nike GTS
5 Shoes (Basic)
White sneakers
 Nike Air Force 1
6 Shoes (Basic) Black classic flats  Tory Burch
7 Shoes Purple classic flats Salvatore Ferragamo
8 Shoes Purple sneakers Nike
No Category Item Brand
1 Accessories Glasses Owndays
2 Accessories  Sunglasses  Gucci
3 Accessories  White tote bag  Francfranc
4 Accessories  Tote bag Chanel
5 Accessories  Tote bag Gucci
6 Accessories Crossbody bag Rebecca Minkoff
7 Accessories Wallet bag Tory Burch
8 Accessories Backpack Sakun Works
9 Accessories Watch Michael Kors
10 Accessories Watch  Fitbit
11 Accessories  Hat Beams
12 Accessories  Wedding ring Tiffany & Co
13 Accessories  Proposal ring Tiffany & Co
14 Accessories  Diamond studs

 Still in the midst of clearing up items. While listing down the items, I realised most of my clothes are corporate  wear. Hahaha… Which housewife would wear corporate pencil skirt for grocery shopping?!

Anyway, my new trusty wardrobe from IKEA and only half of it is mine.


Hopefully I can complete my packing soon. I guess I need more discipline in terms of deciding which item to discard or donate. I have this habit of keeping clothes, thinking I would wear it again when I never.

I also realised I need to be more responsible in my choices.

Hence, I have not buy any clothes in Hong Kong. I will keep track of the list and reduce the quantity.

Till then…

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