Brooklyn Ribbon Fries – Burger @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

One of my favourite places for ginger ale drink.

I order a set (Drink + Burger + Fries), ¥ 1,100


I chose fried chicken burger instead of the prawn burger. I was having the fries while waiting for my burger. By the time I had this picture, I almost ate all the fries.

The fried chicken patty was crispy, juicy and not oily. The burger bun was soft yet chewy. Very well balanced taste. Fries was good.

I happened to pass by this shop while shopping in Harajuku and couldn’t resist the ginger ale signboard. Ever since then, I would visit every time I am in Tokyo.


View from the inside

Photo 13-1-2018, 11 10 46 AM

I am in love with the ginger ale, which is freshly made with ginger syrup and soda

Photo Credit: BRF Facebook

You can purchase the syrup in the store. Comes in 2 sizes.

16107541_1298106023580965_4499075481976112360_oPhoto Credit: BRF Facebook

Make it to your liking

17505129_1361979347193632_6077099028750771325_oPhoto Credit: BRF Facebook

Menu (burgers were new in the menu but online not updated yet)Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.17.56 PM.png

There are 3 outlets in Tokyo

1. Komazawa Outlet

Photo Credit: BRF Facebook

2. Omotesando Outlet

Photo Credit: BRF Facebook

3. Harajuku Outlet (Closed Down)

Photo Credit: BRF Facebook

[DAY TIME] 11:00~18:00
[BAR TIME] 18:00~24:00

Refer to their website for more details.

Till then…

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