DeGroot family in Singapore

With family in town, preparing for wedding and working… I didn’t blog for almost a whole month of August. Hence, I am trying to blog more in September.

Just random pictures I took with DeGroot family during their visit to Singapore.

Our current place is 1 bedroom loft. Hence, it would be impossible to host them. Thanks to Airbnb, we managed to find a place for them (2 bedroom condo).

I hope they enjoyed the stay.

Skye with the dress I got for her. Fits jus nice on her.


My niece (Skye) & nephew (Cruz)


They were so tiny 6 years ago when I first met them in Singapore and now they are almost my height! I know Dutch people are one of the tallest people in the whole but they are growing so fast.

My sister doesn’t like to show pictures on her blog so I guess I shouldn’t show her face on my blog. My brother-in-law and the kids.


We went to River Safari to see some panda


I guess Kai Kai had his apples already…


Jia Jia


Jia Jia napping too


Red Panda


Up close of Cruz


Up close of Skye


 A trip to river safari & dance class for a day took 21, 000 steps


Cruz with his new toy


When we were in Bali


Beach bodies


Searching for crabs


Bid goodbye to DeGroot family as they set off to Ubud & Kuta for a week before heading back to Netherlands.


This time, I didn’t cry like I did in Netherlands airport 2 years ago. My sister warned me not to and I did it.

I was very emotional at that time because my sister has been living in Netherlands for a long time. To see her living happily with her family, I felt happy for her and thankful for everything she did during my 3 weeks stay in Netherlands.

Thank you for coming & lovely gifts


Till then…

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