Wedding @ James Tei Kobe, Japan

Attended my cousin-in-law’s wedding at Kobe, Japan. It was such a beautiful wedding.

Before the wedding, my mother-in-law was so kind to suggest me to had my hair done. She helped to make hair appointment at the salon at Sheraton Kobe Bay Hotel & Towers.

Hair arrangement done within an hour. Staff has been very professional.


We took a taxi to James Tei Kobe.


Main entrance

Metal doors to the building

The interior

Went to the second floor

View from the second floor


My husband helping out with baby sitting



While waiting for the wedding ceremony at the chapel


 In Japanese wedding ceremony, there will be a session where both family will introduce their family members. Each person had to stand up and introduce themselves while the other side of the family members would bow to acknowledge.

Dinner with a view


Will wait for the professional pictures to upload.

A great place for wedding. Below is the website if you are interested.

Till then…


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