Bo.lan Thai Fine Dining @ Bangkok, Thailand

Celebrated my husband’s birthday in Bangkok, Thailand. We went for Thai fine dining at Bo.lan.

Amazing authentic Thai food with detailed taste and great ambience.

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We did not realised how difficult it was to get a taxi in Bangkok. Last time I was there was 3 years ago. So much has changed. We made the reservation at 7pm but reached only 7.45pm. Of course, we made a call to inform.

Once we reached, we were asked to be seated first while they prepare the table for us. They served lemongrass drink while we were waiting. Delicious and I hope to find lemongrass seeds in Hong Kong. Hope to plant them at home and make fresh lemongrass drink in future.


The chef would invite guests to the kitchen for tasting. It was a delightful surprise to see the chef and all the staff in the kitchen. I did not take any picture because it might be rude.

Anyway, we were served whisky and a spray for our tongues. I guess it was was refreshing purpose.

Thai snacks


Appetisers (Start from left to right)


My husband deciding which wine to pair with


Salad of morning Glory with “Sam phran” Pork with red chili palm nectar dressing


Single plate of the day


“Thammang” Relish with local green& grilled pork tender


Red curry of Ocean fish with lesser ginger, white turmeric, and basils


Stir-fried herbal-fed chicken with Krabi Shrimp paste and Thai basil


Smoked fish soup with banana blossom, fern and betel leave with ocean prawn




I requested the restaurant to provide us quiet corner because we are celebrating my husband’s birthday. So surprised to receive birthday dessert.


A better picture of the birthday dessert


Dinner menu with 3 options to choose from

1. Bo.lan Brief (2,280++ Baht/SGD 93++)
2. Bo.lan Botanicals (2,680++ Baht/SGD 109++)
3. Bo.lan Festive (3,500++ Baht/SGD 142++)

For wine pairing (5 glasses), top-up 2,200++ Baht

It was delicious and it was worth a visit. Check out their website for more details.

I am glad that my husband enjoyed it. Yes, we look alike after 5 years together. I heard the happier the couple, the more they would look like each other.


Till then…

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