ABC Cooking Studio – Taste of Japanese Home Cooking

Class: Taste of Japanese Home Cooking
Teacher: Eyvonne Ip
Date: 8th May 2017, 1pm
No. of students: 2
Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

After class thoughts:

1. Teacher was very detailed

2. Taste might have been altered to suit local preference


I will make changes to the recipe given.

Updated 12th May 2017

From the left:

1. Miso soup (instant bought from City Super)

2. Fried chicken chop with grated radish soup (Still too sweet, need to reduce the sugar)

3. Small shrimp & vegetable rice (learnt from bento box class)

4. Japanese spinach with sesame

5. Rolled omelette (learnt from bento box class)


Got a Japanese to taste the food, my husband. He looked so happy while eating. I will cook more often and I will not have to refer to the recipes soon.

Till then…

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