Heineken Experience @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Traveling Amsterdam with my DeGroot family in 2014. Thanks to my awesome sister, I enjoyed my 3 weeks stay in Netherlands.

Tips on ticket purchase, buy online to save €2 (Adult On the day purchase: €18, Adult Online: €16).

Remember to print out the ticket. Once you passed them the printed ticket, they would give you this. Keep this well to claim your fresh Heineken beer during your tour. Everyone is entitled to two unless you are a minor. There are 2 tags attached to this  for you to claim your beer. Another tag to claim your complimentary gift.


Before the entrance to Heineken Experience. Singapore represent.


The start of your Heineken Experience


Beer museum


You can play the game see if you are good at pouring beer


Experience the fresh Heineken beer. Some educational talk before you get your fresh beer.


Even though I do not drink, I tried. A few sips before my “Asian Glow”.


Then, you get to go to another room with loud music. Felt like a club.


Interesting table. The virtual coaster will follow where your glass is placed.


Heineken branding labels


A room to view all the Heineken commercials

Photo Credit: http://www.canal.nl 

Souvenirs, you can get your personalized Heineken Beer. I couldn’t remember the price.


The end product. The staff was very cute as she tried really hard to pronounce Japanese name. She kept saying “Ya-sushi” instead of “Yasuhiro”. We both had a great laugh.


At the end, you can collect your complimentary gift at the brand store. 15 minutes walk.


The gift was a small Heineken glass


It was a great tour. Couldn’t believe it has been almost 2 years since my Netherlands trip. Hope to be back with my husband the next time.

Till then…

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