Strawberry Park Resort @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A short trip to Cameron Highlands from Singapore in 2012. We took a coach from Singapore on Friday night and reached Cameron Highlands the next morning.

We stayed at Strawberry Park Resort for 2 nights. It was a pleasant stay as the rooms were spacious.

studio_suite_01Photo Credit: Strawberry Park Resort

The resort was very relaxing with a great view


Maybe it was the weather, the flowers in the resort were really beautiful


The resort has many dining options so you don’t have to worry. We tried the Strawberry Court Thai Restaurant.


Outdoor view. Since Cameron Highlands as the name suggests on the high, it was cooling.


You should try the strawberry pizza. Looks great and taste delicious.


The food was really delicious

What can you do in Cameron Highlands? We took a day tour.


Strawberry farm


You can either pluck by yourself or purchase them instead


Vegetables farm


Cactus farm


Pitcher Plant, I think


Sweet corn that can be eaten raw


At the end of the tour, we get our steamboat dinner. The vegetables were so fresh.

I loved the steamboat so much because everything was so fresh.


The only downside to this trip was the journey to and fro, on the bus. The ride was about 8 hours… Anyway, it was an awesome trip.

Till then…

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