Chengdu, China May 2016

Heading to China in May for my BFF’s wedding and I will be one of the bridesmaids. I am married but it shouldn’t be a problem.

I met her when I was working in P&G. I remember the fun times we had. She was my lunch buddy, my listening ears, my gym buddy and someone I could be silly with.

I left P&G for a better career progression. BFF left shortly after me. She left P&G and Singapore. It was a huge surprise that she made up her mind to leave Singapore. However, she had her own plans and I wished her the best.

I would check her WeChat to see how she is doing and happy to know she is enjoying her work and life. I admire her for her courage and decisiveness. I miss her laughter and how she would praise me for speaking such good Chinese.

I can’t wait to be in her hometown for her wedding.

And it’s my first time to mainland China. I am expecting maybe culture shock, awesome local food, a beautiful bride and many tearing moments for me.

12573050_10153277796350796_2841037592257614717_n (1)


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