Japan for Christmas & New Year

Heading back to Japan for Christmas & New Year! Gonna be my first Christmas & New Year in Japan. I am very excited to celebrate Japanese New Year with the whole Tamaki family.

Will be heading to a few parts of Japan. My husband is very excited with his trip back. It’s going to be cold. Super cold for me because I live in sunny Singapore. My first winter was 11 years ago in Japan. I know what winter does to me and it is not a good one. My skin gets super dry, my hair gets fluffy and I could barely walk…

I will need to work on my solo travel Tokyo trip while husband is working. Actually, I still need to work during my Japan trip too.

Trying to list down places to visit. I want to go to parks and enjoy the view. Maybe I should go Disneyland, visit cat cafe again and go for a makeover.

Google up some salon to go and found somewhere pretty awesome. My husband and I both agree that it is time for me to get a makeover. Turning 30 is an awkward age for me.

Sneak peak of the salon.

 Yasu is heading back to Japan this Sunday and I will fly to Japan next week to join him. I am still limping though… It is winter and I need to get my winter coat dry clean somehow…

Hotels in Japan are expensive during year end… My husband would prefer somewhere nice after working so hard for this year. Anyway, thankful for everything this year. The good and the bad.

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