Japanese New Year 2016

My first Japanese New Year as a Tamaki was awesome. We head back to Gifu, Yasu’s hometown.

Before the new year, Yasu brought me to a nearby template. He wanted me to experience Japanese New Year. He was very thoughtful and asked if I would mind going to temples because of my religion.

Anyway, not going to talk about any religion. When we reached, there was already a huge crowd, lining up to pray for their new year. People of all ages.

I thought it was too much of a hassle and just got omikuji (kind of fortune-telling).
A small piece of paper on which one’s fortune is written.

Overall, it will be a great 2016 for me.Not going to translate all.
Work – Will receive good news
Pregnancy – Take care of health
Studies – Be discipline


The first day of the new year, we had this. You would pour alcohol in the red cup and drink it for good blessings.


My Tamaki parents posing for the camera.


おせち料理。Japanese would have Osechi Ryori for lunch or dinner. My Tamaki Mom made it, we helped to decorate. It was delicious.


We also have mochi soup.


お年玉。Otoshidama, given to children. It is similar to Chinese Red Packet with money in it. One for me, and one for Yasu.


With New Year, there will always be Fukubukuro (Lucky bag). In my definition, things that off season. I found a fukubukuro pushcart.


I wanted to get one fukubukuro bag but I figured out I will buy things that I do not need.

Anyway, I am very thankful to spend Japanese New Year with my new Tamaki family. I had a great time and hope they will enjoy themselves during our wedding.

Well, I guess it is time for Chinese New Year.

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