My first Kimono rental experience in Kyoto, Japan

My 2 weeks in Japan was such a wonderful trip. I love Kyoto the best. A good mix of traditional & modern Japan.

I was advised for good Kimono rental, need to go to Kyoto. Initially, I thought I should just rent one in Tokyo but my husband insisted to go Kyoto. I am glad that we did.

He found a shop in Kyoto. We were able to rent the Kimono and return it the following day. I will list out the details of the Kimono rental shop at the end of the post. There are many price options and we took the expensive option but it was worth it.

I am very impressed with the Japanese service and the professionalism. They  took time to provide the best option for me. With additional top-up of JPY 1,500, they will style your hair. The lady was fast & good. She went an extra mile to get a nice hair piece for me to match my Kimono. Such hospitality only in Japan.

This pose was taught by the studio photographer and I used it the whole day.

Kyoto Kimono Wear

Hair piece that matches the purple Kimono.



Some foreigners would want to purchase Kimonos. It is true that there are many affordable used Kimonos but I would not recommend. Honestly, it is an art of wearing Kimono. Besides, not all Japanese owns a Kimono. I was shocked by the price of a good Kimono. It ranges from SGD 4, 000 onwards.

Honestly, I was so in loved with the Kimono and couldn’t bear to take them off. The effort taken by the Kimono specialists… I really wanted to get a Kimono too but there is no occasion to wear and I will need professional help.

I was too lazy to wear any makeup on that day though…

Wefie in our Kimono. We were told we looked alike. What do you think?

Kimono Couple

We also had studio photo-shoot. It was very uncomfortable with looking at each other. We look kind of awkward…


And the walk in Kimono was hot!!! Many foreigners took pictures of us during our walk. Yeah, we posed for them. A Chinese kid mistook my Kimono as a wedding Kimono. Complimented that the “bride” is pretty. I was flattered.

Walk in Kyoto

Those who are interested in wearing Kimono in Japan, please go to Kyoto. I took their information from their website for easier reference. Okamoto Kimono Rental has 5 shops in Kyoto. We went to the specialized outlet.

Information Shops

It is worth trying out the high-grade Kimono. Good quality & service from the Kimono specialist.

okamoto kimono

There are many price options for you to choose from.

For ladies, JPY 8,000 – JPY 50, 000 (SGD 90 – SGD 550)
For men, JPY 6,000 – JPY 20,000 (SGD 65 – SGD 220)

okamoto rental rates

The basic plan includes the full set Kimono. Top-up JPY 1,500 for hairstyling. It completes the look. Also, if you would like to wear your Kimono after 7.30pm, top-up JPY 1,000 and they will collect it at your hotel the following day.

Hence, JPY 10,500 (excluding tax) for a high-grade Kimono and you can wear it for the whole day. It is about SGD 120 (excluding tax).

basic package

With any price option you take, there is a free photo shoot. Add JPY 1,000 for each additional photo.


The whole process of my Kimono experience was great because the Kimono specialist made it so comfortable for me. Below is the process flow. Japanese are so detailed and they really follow the processes.

Kimono service flow

Below is the website for the rental Kimono we went. It is worth paying more for that good experience. The website is in Japanese, English & Chinese.

This is not a paid post. I just thought they really provide a good service. The photographer even offered to help us to take photos with our cameras. I was extremely impressed and still am.

Okamoto Gion Kodaiji Bettei (High-grade Kimono)

They offer a great range of Kimonos. You are in good hands.

Hope you enjoy your Kyoto Kimono experience as much as I did.


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