Nagoya | Tokyo

Heading to Japan tomorrow for 2 weeks. Going to Nagoya to meet his family and relatives.

Well, Japan isn’t the cheapest country to travel to. Need know my way well within Tokyo at least. Last trip to Japan, I was struggling to remember train stations and finding coins to get train tickets. Gonna be smart this time. I am getting the SUICA card.

My husband doesn’t need to get it because he is traveling on business trip and taxi rides are paid for… He didn’t realize my struggles… Worse part was, I was traveling in Japan with no data access… I was a lost child in a big city. Had to tap into free wifi which is only available at certain places. Carrying a huge map and walking, looking lost.

This time, I am getting a SIM card.

In Japan, as long as you look Asian, you are assumed Japanese. They spoke to me in Japanese all the time which made me really stress. The only person I speak to in Japanese is my husband and teacher.

Anyway, I think I am getting more confidence with my Japanese. Whatever, make mistakes and learn…

Traveling with my husband is always a rush and unplanned. Gonna put some structure when we travel. I knew our differences when we first traveled to Taiwan…

Things that I want to do on my trip this time:

1. Wear Kimono
2. Nail art
3. Take purikura with my husband
4. Owl Cafe
5. Cat Cafe

I still need to study for my Japanese examinations and digital advertising assignment during my trip. Always like to do many things at the same time… Can’t wait to graduate from my course. Awesome when you know your current lecturer was the one who leaded Google Analytics.

Need to improve and get myself certified. Update my Japan trip when I am in Japan. Else, I will just forget about it as usual.

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