New Home in Singapore

New home with my husband in January 2015.

Singapore is small and there is space limitation. A place of your own is crazily expensive. Locals would keep asking me if I bought the current place. The last time I checked, this place cost SGD 2.5 million. I would have taken time off from work and studied my masters with that money.

Being a Singaporean and married to a foreigner, doesn’t give you any citizen benefits. I am not able to buy a public housing aka HDB. He has to apply for permanent residency. Even his application approved, we need to wait for another 3 years before we can buy HDB. On top of that, we need to make sure we do not hit the maximum income set by the government. If the couple exceed, they can only buy private housing.

Newly couples in Singapore have to apply “Built To Order” aka BTO. They will have to wait for 3 years before the place is completely built.

A house is for me to stay. It would be great to own a house. However, if I have to be in debt for the rest of my life, I would step back and think carefully.

Then, people would come and tell me that house is an investment… Who are you kidding?! Investment is having 3 houses at the same time and renting it out. If you only have 1 house, that is for you to live with your loved ones.

I am not so sure if it is just me or the quality of houses in Singapore has decreased dramatically. I always hear my friends telling me the new HDB they got has defects, design was not well-thought etc. The current place I am staying has defects too. My husband complains that paying more doesn’t mean good quality in Singapore.

Singapore is safe and natural disaster free. Don’t get me wrong, I love Singapore and glad to be here. What I am trying to say is, everyone has their own perspective of how life should be. People can share their perspectives but don’t expect me to just listen. I often ask questions and they would be dumbfounded. Maybe 20 years ago, buying a house in Singapore is reasonably affordable.

Now, the prices is just ridiculous. My aunt has 3 condominiums in Singapore and wanted to buy the 4th. The places that property agent showed her was SGD 3 million and above! That’s just crazy.

Singapore is not the only option to stay. I would like to take some time to consider where I want to be before deciding to get a place of our own.

In the mean time, I am enjoying the new place. We held a few house warming parties but felt it was too tiring. Might be the age, I prefer having good quality time with a few good friends instead.

There are BBQ pits on the 60th floor. Nice view and windy at night.

There are 2 swimming pools, a great place to relax.


Have opened up to friends when they like to use the facilities. However, they expected me to. It seems like a demand and not a request anymore. People would say there is nothing wrong with it but how does it feel when someone comes over to your place to use your facilities without you around. Even though you are aware.

If I invite my friends, I should be with them.

To be honest, I felt used. They never invite me over to their place and expect me to open up my personal area for them any time they want?! I really tried to be kind but please don’t take it for granted.

A friend of mine was affected too. He has been kind and generous to open up his place for house parties. However, as time goes by, the people who came were only into meeting potential partners. They were rude and didn’t bring anything to thank him for hosting. Worst, they don’t even bother to say “Hi” to him and just rushed in…

People are just there for free food and drinks…

There are also other groups where they expect you to serve them like Kings just because they bought you some gifts… They complained about everything…

I got really tired and honestly, I don’t care anymore.

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