Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam March 2015

First time to Vietnam and I am in love with the food. Everything tasted so good.

Vietnamese Food

Especially this below. I forgot the name. It’s a wrap with minced pork. Heaven!! One of my friends and I just kept eating this wherever we went.


We met friends and went to Jazz bar. It was pretty quiet because we went during the Vietnamese New Year but my Vietnamese told me the place is very popular among locals.


We stayed at Hotel Nikko Saigon. 5 star hotel. Awesome room with bathtub. Indeed a Japanese hotel with great services. The location is pretty far from places of interest. However, the hotel provide free shuttle bus to several places but you need to get a cab back.


I always read stuff available in my hotel room. Just a habit, I guess. Came across this interesting hotel regulation. An ex-colleague told me he had to show marriage certificate whenever they travel in Vietnam, with their baby.


I got souvenir for us. I got ripped off though… I thought it was pretty cute.


More food, Pho!!! Had this for supper.


View from the airplane.
A tip, remember to print your itinerary as the immigration staff will insist to have a look at it…


We manage to visit Cu Chi Tunnel. Learnt a lot about the Vietnam war. My brother-in-law trying out the hiding hole.


Also experienced firing a gun.


It was a short good trip. Honestly, I did not do any research and I just went. Next trip to Vietnam would be even better. I will do some research, I think.


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