japanese clothing – United arrows

What to wear for a normal day?

Always into co-ord set or two piece set for some reason. Of course, you can also wear them separately.

Been exploring for some time and finally getting the hang of mixing and matching. I was never into fashion and wore just t-shirts and jeans.

Always admire friends who are well put together, with their own sense of style.

I realised it is necessary to pick good quality items and body shape should be in healthy shape. Hence to bring out the best of the both worlds.

There is no point just buying expensive clothes but one does not care about body shape. I feel it is good to invest in your own body shape too.

Below is the item I got from Japan in 2018 and I am still wearing it in 2021.

How I wear it

I think this jacket was about USD 250 but still in very good condition after 4 years.

Till then…

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