Getaway within Hong Kong – ABERDEEN HOUSEBOAT

We are moving, not…

Just a night on a houseboat in 2020. Apparently, this is not available anymore from the website we book but you can still find them on Klook.

Have always wanted to experience it since I saw them when I was in Netherlands. Apparently, I can experience it in Hong Kong too. So why not.

We decided to pick Japanese Cosy Houseboat as the living room is spacious and would be great for baby to crawl.

Below is the description

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 8.43.15 PM

Master Bedroom

There were actually 3 more bedrooms but husband, me and baby slept in the master bedroom. I do not recommend bring a year old baby and husband who gets seasick…

I guess it is a one time experience and no more.

Overall experience was not so good. There were cockroaches and the fridge was not working. They had staff came over at night to fix and took some time. We could not enjoy our time and baby was crying so bad due to all the sounds….

No good view…. I guess we will try a proper yacht next time.

Till then…

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