Hermès Colette loafer (Beige Doré)

Have been searching for a new pair of loafers for about a year. Wanted to get something classic so I can match it with many outfits.

Initially I was looking for a white pair of loafers. Found something I like but it did not carry my size. Hence, I kept searching.

Recently saw this new design on social media and decided to have a look.

I was too slow and it was out of stock for white.

Hence, I decided to get the beige instead as it looked nice on me.

Photo Credit: Hermes Official Website

It was comfortable to wear. I had to order it online as there were no stocks at that particular store.

Quite happy with the purchase and can’t wait to wear them out. I got them to the cobbler for half rubber soles. I do that for my previous loafers too.

Till then…

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