Seoul, South Korea – NY Dance School

Travelled to Seoul in 2008 with a group of friends. The main objective of the trip was to attend dance classes. Yeah, passionate dancers. It has been 8 years, most of us gave up dance… Now, I attend dance classes only when I have time.

We were young… I was 23…


We went to NY Dance School


It was such an eye opener for me to attend dance classes. The instructors are so good. We attended different type of dance classes.


We made a few friends


This little boy is very mischievous


House instructor, J-rong


I liked house but I can’t seem to get hold of the steps… Hahaha… Waacking was fun and I was able to get the steps. It was all about momentum. It made sense to me. I went to attend basic courses in Singapore. However, I am not consistent.

The trip was a life-changing experience for me. I realized people can be so passionate about dance. The effort they put in for their passion. There was a staff working there and attended dance lessons whenever she can. She works hard and dance hard too.

The instructors emphasized the importance of basic techniques. They made sure you know the history of each dance too.

The dancers in Korea work super hard, they train on their dance techniques after school or work till the wee hours. The dedication. Everyone was awesome and humble at the same time. I really liked the dance culture.

I hope to go back to South Korea again. Take dance lessons, eat kimchi & shop till I drop all over again.

I will try to blog about my trip to Seoul soon.

Till then…

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