Tamaki Kitchen – Somen & Gyoza

What’s cooking?

Sunday is the busiest day of the week for me.

There is no nanny to help me out. Hence, I need to take care of the baby plus husband and cat. I even try to find time to clean, depending on my energy level.

My Sunday starts from 7am. However, it might be earlier, depending on what time the little monster wakes up. I would feed him, play with him and shower him. He goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps through the night.

Then, I would prepare dinner for my husband. Oh, I also make breakfast for him. Husband would usually skip lunch.

Husband is always busy with work. Hence, I try to cook for him whenever we are home as he likes it. Last Sunday I made simple dinner because he wanted something light.

I would like to share how I made them quickly within 30 minutes.

All the ingredients are from either Oisix, City’Super, Sogo Fresh Mart or Aeon.

First, gyoza from Oisix (HKD 29.80). There is instructions on how to cook it, in Japanese but I will share the steps.


Have you every tried Japanese gyoza and think why it is juicy? At least I did but never bothered to find the reason why till I married my husband…

Apparently, you do not just panfried gyoza. You need water too.

First, you place the gyoza on the frying pan.


Pour 100ml -120ml of water and let it evaporate.


Then pour vegetable oil and cook till the bottom is slightly brown.


What is gyoza without sauce? You can get this at Japanese supermarket.


Next, somen. It is thin noodles. Very quick to cook, takes only 3 minutes


Makes sure the pot of water is at boiling point before putting the somen in and remove after 3 minutes.


I usually run them in cold water and placed them on ice to serve. Somen goes with dipping sauce like soba noodles. I use this and you can get them easily at Japanese supermarket too.

Please note that you need to add water to mentsuya (1 mentsuya : 3 water)


Done within 30 minutes. Just take some time to display it before eating. I am still working on my display. Takes time to find nice tableware.


Give it a try at home. With this stay home situation, guess it is nice to spend more time in the kitchen.

Till then…

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