NOBULL – Weightlifting Shoes

NOBULL is a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. If you think gimmicks in your shoes make you a better athlete, NOBULL is not for you.
NOBULL products perform with you when and where you need them. That’s it. Our gear won’t make you fitter. The only thing that will make you fitter is you. Working hard. Day after day.
Have been weightlifting since September last year and was trying to find a pair of new trainers. My personal trainer recommended NOBULL.
After much research and trying, I finally got my pair from NOBULL.

I am loving it because of the sleek design, durability and not too flashy branding.

BLACK GUM TRAINER (WOMEN’S) – 6.5  (USD 129 + USD 22.50 shipping fees)



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If you like to try them out, go to:

14E ELGIN STREET, Central, Hong Kong (Closed down)

The design I wanted was not available at WIT store so I got them directly online. Highly recommended. Skip those flashy logos for once.

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