Random thoughts

I think writing would be the best way to understand myself better and a way to cope with changes.

I have been grateful living in Singapore with the given opportunities. However, moving to a new country without knowing when you would be back has made a huge impact. That made me think a lot.

First thing that came to my mind was, my mom and elder sister are such strong people. My mom moved to Singapore from Indonesia, to take care of us. I cannot imagine the huge differences living in Indonesia and Singapore. The culture, language and living lifestyle is so different.

My elder sister had to move from Singapore to Netherlands. A whole new world. I cannot imagine the changes like from being the the majority to the minority group. Embracing bread and cheese is awesome but 13 years, anyone would miss their soul food. It is worse because my sister has 2 types of home food to miss (Indonesian and Singaporean food).

The way of transport is so different. Dutch cycles. In my family, only my elder sister and I knows how to cycle. I only learn cycling when I was 17.

My level of respect for them has increased.

I also thought of my great grandparents and grandparents. I know they left China for a better future. I do not know much of Chinese history but I know many left as it was extremely challenging to survive due to war and famine.

I am grateful to them. The risk they took to travel from China to Indonesia back in those days. Getting there is one thing. No freaking internet so that is how community (based on the dialect) comes in handy. Seek help and provide help to fellow people.

The idea of not returning home must have been very painful for them. So much courage and mental power. Depression is not even in their dictionary.

On the contrary, I took Singapore Airlines Business Class to Hong Kong. Arranged agents to move furniture, belongings and my cat to Hong Kong.

I have the internet to search for anything. Friends staying in Hong Kong has been very kind and helpful. My ex colleague introduced me to her friend in Hong Kong while another sends me information on cooking course I can take. Another friend wanted to introduce her aunt who is into yoga to me. So many kind people.

Lastly, I can visit Singapore any time. It is only 4 hours away.

Yet, I am still struggling.

One thing that frustrates me the most is the language barrier. I cannot speak cantonese. I want to speak like a local. I hope to feel at home in Hong Kong and have that personal connection with strangers that I have with Indonesians and Singaporeans.

Also, my cat has been defecating and urinating on the sofa. That is pretty frustrating but I guess she is adapting too. I am trying to educate her but she is only as smart as her slave…

Even though Singapore has been listed the most expensive city in 2017,  I felt Hong Kong is so much more expensive than Singapore. I wonder what are the factors they considered.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.20.59 PM

Actually, I am accounting all my expenses in Hong Kong. I need to compare the difference. Firstly, rental is almost 40% more compare to Singapore. MTR is relatively reasonable. Taxi can be expensive depending on destination. Furniture are expensive, I mean those imported ones. I miss Crate & Barrel.

Purchasing items online from local stores can be frustrating. User experience has room for improvements.

I guess I am a perfectionist and always try to do better the next time. I am also trying to model my living habits in Singapore to Hong Kong. That will take some time.

I guess I just need more time to adjust. Getting keys to our new place tomorrow. Need to get all the measurement done before getting some furniture. I hope to have a great start in Hong Kong.

Till then…

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