Which fitness pass should I get in Hong Kong

I was wondering if I should continue my GuavaPass after relocation from Singapore to Hong Kong because:

1. it can be used across 10 cities
2. a way to explore fitness studios in Hong Kong
3. just love varieties (Yoga, Dance & Martial Art)

However, I decided not to after I did a price comparison between GuavaPass Singapore and Hong Kong. Below is the comparison chart (prices based on March 2017).

No Product GuavaPass Starter Plan
1 Contract Type 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Month
2 Class Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4 classes
3 Hong Kong Price HKD 1,288
(SGD 235)
HKD 1,188
(SGD 216)
N.A HKD 628
(SGD 114)
4 Singapore Price SGD 169 SGD 159 SGD 149 SGD 99
5 % Variance +28% +26% +13%

The biggest factor was the price, variance of +28% if I would get the minimum 1 month contract in Hong Kong.

However, if you are an “exercise maniac” who also travels frequently to GuavaPass 10 cities (Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei), why not.

It’s just me, I would want to stretch my dollar. Hence, I went to explore other options and decided to get KFit pass instead. For the first month, I paid HKD 499 / SGD 91 (HKD 200 off for the first month) with 10 classes.

I guess 10 classes would be prefect for me because I would be busy with moving to our new place. Even if I get the unlimited pass, I would not be able to fully utilise it.

Below are the classes I have taken through KFit Hong Kong since March 2017. I will update as I go along and review them soon.

No Studio Class Name Type of Class Instructor Credits
1 Yoga BamBam Studio Session Yoga Melanie B 3
2 Yoga BamBam Studio Session Yoga Minnie Cheung 3
3 Infiniti Fit Deep Stretch Yoga Mary Car 1
4 BeDREX Popping Dance Siu Yin 3
5 BCDC Popping Dance Wing 4
6 Defin8 Barre Barre Barre Trixie 2
7 Prema Wellness Yoga Stretch & Ayurvedic Massage (Easy) Yoga Amy 3

KFit promo code – https://kfit.com/invite/bke27

KFit active member since March 2017.

Till then…

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