Honeymoon – Europe & America

Honestly, I always thought my honeymoon would be somewhere at the beach area (Bora Bora or Mauritius). Relaxed and enjoy. I did not expect it to be a winter honeymoon that required walking an average of 20, 000 steps daily for 6 weeks.

Below is just 1 week’s score. There were times where my Fitbit has been switched off due to no battery.


I am not sure if I have lost weight but everything feels more tight. Already family and friends telling me I have lost weight… Hopefully, I can maintain.

I am very thankful that I had to do almost no planning for our honeymoon. Yup, my husband did all the arrangement through his research from Japanese blogs. Japanese blogs are the most detailed I have ever seen.

Below are the places we visited in Europe and America.

Paris | Dijon

Amsterdam | Haarlem | Utrecht | Leiden | The Hague | Zaanse Schans


Rome | Florence | Venice | Milan

Zermatt | Bern | Geneva


New York | Woodbury

My husband have not been to Europe while I have not been to America. Most people we met during our trip has been mostly kind. Language seems to be a barrier in France and Italy. I told my husband I will pick up the basics and would be easier for our next visit.

I was shocked by the price difference of luxury bags between Europe and Singapore. The bag I got from Singapore was about SGD 1,000 more compared to Italy after tax refund. I happened to pass by the store in Venice and the bag was on display with the price tag… My husband was laughing so hard because of my reaction…

I was upset for a few days but I came to realise since it was a seasonal item, colour and material were different. I am happy with what I got.

I have seen so many girls taking care of their luxury bag when carrying especially when it is raining. Too much of a hassle to wipe and clean after each use too. I usually throw them around…

I only bought a bag for my mom in Europe. Seriously, I wonder what is the profit margin of luxury goods… I have decided to use money for educational upgrade instead.

Anyway, back to honeymoon. Netherlands has always been a great trip because of my sister and her family. My sister has planned everything for our visit. Traveling Netherlands like a local for sure. Visit her (I becoming Dutch) blog if you ever want to visit Netherlands. She has been living in Netherlands for 13 years. Should be able to provide you some local perspectives.

We had the best pasta in Germany, I kid you not.

Switzerland has been breathtaking for Zermatt. Breakfast has been awesome everywhere. Free public transport but we never took. Most expensive city I have ever visited.

I would love to visit Finland again because we just had a day trip at Helsinki. Unfortunately, it was a winter Sunday. hence, most of the restaurants and shops were closed. Finns have been the most friendliest Europeans I have come across.

The Big Apple has been a very unique experience. I met different sorts of people. One thing for sure, New Yorkers know the best way to cook chicken wings, hamburgers and fries. Everything is in massive portions.

Traveling for 6 weeks has been very tiring due to jetlag. We met a couple in Dijon who has been traveling for 3 months. You should check out the Japanese couple (Kaz and Mariko) who travelled around the world in a year with their drone.

For me, 6 weeks is too long. I am still recovering from the time difference. I have been wide awake till 3am… I hope I can recover soon. I cannot imagine those people who have to fly constantly for work. Hope they take good care of their health.

I will update my trip slowly.

Till then…


  1. wanderlustplusone

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Europe, it made me smile that you had the best pasta in Germany. I swear that the local Italian around the corner from us in Frankfurt makes the best pasta…better than any I had in Italy.
    I do hope you will get to go to a more honeymoony destination sometime. We went to Japan snd loved every minute of it, then last year we went to the Maldives and I have to say it was one incredible holiday, it was true paradise.
    Vanessa x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica Tamaki

      Hi Vanessa,
      Yeah, I was surprised myself too. Who would have thought best pasta in Germany instead of Italy. Glad to know I was not the only one to feel that way.

      Japan trips have always been great for us too.

      I hope to visit Maldives too. Glad that you had a great trip to Maldives.

      Take care,

      Liked by 1 person

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