Novotel Paris Gare De Lyon Hotel Review

I know nothing about Paris and did a quick check before booking of the hotel room. Paris is divided into areas. It is easy to pick which hotel to stay depending on your itinerary and budget.

1-20 would be the recommended areas to stay. The rest would be suburbs and it won’t be safe.

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I was so excited with Paris because of the hotel. However, there was a last minute change and we stayed with Novotel instead.

Firstly, it is located near the Paris Gare de Lyon Train Station. Hence, it would be easier for us to get on the train to Dijon the following day. We did not know the right way and Google map directed us the most shortest way from and to the station.

img_5216We passed by the alley on our way and I could smell piss and poo… Paris is not as romantic as it was portrayed by the media. However, food has been nothing but delightful.

Anyway, back to the hotel review. Secondly, the price was reasonable. There are 3 types of room. Suite, Executive and Superior room. Yasu decided to get executive as it has bathtub. It was necessary after a long haul flight.

Executive Room (€189 / SGD 282.45)

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The view of the bedroom


Lastly, there is indoor swimming pool. Awesome to swim during winter. I brought swimwear but I did not use it at all…

Indoor swimming pool

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My husband used the gym though

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There are many cafes and Le Train Bleu (one of many famous restaurants) nearby. I will update our visits to Parisians’ cafes and restaurants soon.

The service was okay but we had hotel staff attempting to enter our room while my husband was showering. I usually do double or triple lock of the door. Hence, I managed to save my husband’s dignity.

I figured out it would be better to put “Do not disturb” sign once you enter the room and do double or triple lock too. Hope this might help if you ever visit Paris.

Address: 2 Rue Hector Malot, 75012 Paris, France

Till then…

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