Guava Pass Review – Kulture Studio @ Kallang, Singapore

I started dancing when I was 19 but never been consistent due to school and work commitment. Recently this year, I started to learn popping.

Below is the video of the popping instructor for Kulture Studio.

Question 1: Where is Kulture Studio located?

Kallang Wave Mall

Question 2: What type of classes does Kulture has?

Too many to list in a table

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 1.10.43 AM.png

Question 3: Which class should I sign up?

Kulture has many classes. Depends on what you like. I chose dance classes.

Question 4: How much is a class?

Just updated for dance class pricing as of November 2016

Type/Price Single Single (Online) 10 Class 1 month unlimited 4 week course
Package $15 $14 $100 $150 $65
Cost per class $15 $14 $10 $10 if 15 class $16.25
Validity NA NA 3 months 1 month 4 weeks

I love the class. The instructor took time to point out where we need to become better. After class, if there is no following class using the dance studio, students are allowed to use the studio to practice more.

I will keep going for the class in Kulture studio for sure.

Address: 1 Stadium Place,#02-05, Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628

Till then…

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